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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Canadian man's children kidnapped to Fukushima

It’s been 22 months since Bruce Gherbetti has seen his three and it would be hard to pick a worse place for them to be: , .

The New Westminster man says his is a classic case of child abduction but with the last known whereabouts of his daughters Rion, Lauren and Julia being about 45 kilometres from the disabled and still deadly nuclear reactor damaged in the March earthquake and , Gherbetti doesn’t just miss his children, he lives in constant anxiety over their safety.

Making the situation worse is the fact that in the of international child abduction, Japan is referred to as a "black hole," meaning once children go in, they never come out. According to the Department of State, of the approximately 400 cases of abduction to Japan since 2000, "no child has been returned to his/her country of habitual residence as a result of any action taken by the government of Japan."
Source:, via Twitter search for Fukushima

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