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Saturday, 16 July 2011

More on Fukushima SOS from Parents being forced back...

Tim King
Important new video from Fukushima residents is a cry for help...

S.O.S. from Fukushima
Image from the video S.O.S. from Fukushima

(FUKUSHIMA / SALEM) - The people of Fukushima prefecture in Japan, are in trouble. Abandoned by their own government; forced to return to their homes in this city of nuclear contamination, they are fearful for their children's futures and asking the world community for support.
A man in the video who uses the name Nakate, explains that he represents a network to protect children from radiation.
"It's been three months since the accident at Fukushima Everyday we discover new things. We know the government is not telling us the truth".
That is a harsh charge toward the Japanese government, but apparently right on the money from what we can tell.
"We the citizens of Fukushima ask ourselves if this region is habitable, and if our children should continue to live here. We ask for an evacuation order for us and our children. Neither the Japanese government nor the local authorities call for an evacuation. We have to figure it out for ourselves. We need national and international support. Please send us your messages of support to Fukushima, Japan".
The Russians evacuated the people of Chernobyl after the deadly nuclear disaster there. It didn't happen fast enough, but once signs of the massive radiation leak reached Europe, the Soviets were forced to acknowledge the disaster and people left the region in droves. The Japanese govt. is now playing second fiddle on the same stage.
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