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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Los Alamos.. has the damage already started?

Some basic facts actually come to mind about Los Alamos.. ie: sensible brains 101..
1. As we know, ALL around that area is contaminated through Nuclear testing from the get go.
2. Fukushima were petrified as the waters collected all around.
3. Whilst Los Alamos and the testing was specifically placed to be far from inhabited areas as possible, the scary thing I believe, is that the fires will suck up all that wonderful waste land into the firestorm and take it whither it will.
The fires, as like the floods elsewhere carry any of the left over dusts from prior tests let alone a power plant. It is just the method of distribution.
In Australia, as an example, we have, every few years "firestorms": where the flames are so hot, they leap over firebreaks, roads and from tree top to tree top. When this happens, people can no longer save their homes even miles from the actual event, as the hot embers float down onto their homes and suburbs.
It's not a huge leap to put the irradiated plants and animals (think Chernobyl)  and an airborn natural helicopter together; to start worrying REGARDLESS of whether the plant goes up.
Finally, are all these events somehow linked it makes you ponder.
Look at the countries being affected : EU, America, Japan.. start to see a pattern?
Or how about the US being very busy rushing to take out most of the Arab nations?
Are we actually witnessing the new method of warfare.. we certaining have the technology.
I realise there are people out there that have no real want to know about new fandangled technologies, but consider this - the musket, teh tank, the bunker, the airplane, the machine gun; all these things were once thought of as overly incredulous ideas.
The clever thing then to assume is that what a wonderfukl way to wage a war using mother nature as a screen?
Back to Los Alamos, the pages that were posted last, were removed in regard to the situation there. I reiterate, if you think about the extent of the fire, and the amount of nuclear danger there, the US should also be seriously thinking of closing all plants down until we work out what the hell is going on. If it's paranoia or even coincidence, better safe then sorry
It  makes me wonder why Germany is shutting everything down ASAP, are they simply more on the ball than the rest of us,
If you are interested in more facts, take a look at some of the US Meteoralogical sites and look at the projectioons for the fire slip-streams and make up your own mind as to whether or not it could just very well a major emergency. Add to this the levys and flooding at the other crippled plant. There seems to be quite a glut of international crises around the Globe and the mainstream media are hiding, methinks from the worst of them. WHY?
With Japanese poison on its way in daily, the ocean being killed, if I was an American I would be truly concerned.
Peace out
Just wondering..
Peace out.

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