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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fukushima.. so far ranging..

I am laying in the dark after arguing with my beautiful bride of only twelve months, about "not" speaking about Fukushima.

Why? Well firstly we live in Australia, and as many other Countries, we are somewhat removed from the horror occururing (if only for so long) and therfore, mainstream media are concertantly and explicitly ignoring the situation. 

The general populous of the world are burring their heads in the sand, like the last days of Berlin in WW2, "We see what is happening, but do not know what to do, so say nothing"

The reason for MOX (or Uranium and Plutonium) new fuel compounds is simple.

During the cold war part of "gathering:" nuclear weapon fuel, was to refine it from Uranium. Plutonium, was the product. The Fukushima pro lem are and is the "Sister by products", of which we have no understanding.

In the rush to create bomb compounds, nobody bothered to look to the future.

Perhaps it was an almost epiphany of, hey, we won't be here so we look good on the way out... if we win.

The lack of information for the occupants of the East Coast, and indeed the entire island set of Japan and surrounding 1200 km at the least, both airborne, and water contamination, is more than catastrophic.

I doubt that any thinking soul has not had shivers.

It behoves us to react in a fight or flight manner, in saying that, we should also recognise the seriousness of where we are and impliment structures now as to ensure the survival for all things as we know them.

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