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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Fukushima.. it's finally science fact #1...

Radiation won't kill you if you smile... but funnily enough.... this will... (both pages load in English when translated)

Part 1:
It is finally dead! 3 Following damage to many impromptu Kan Prime Minister
2011.7.16 18:00 (Page 1 of 3)

Kan Naoto press conference Prime Minister. Abiru journalist of Sankei Shimbun asked question to raise their hand (far left) were given the chance to speak was not = Friday afternoon, Prime Minister's Office (Sakamaki Shunsuke shooting)
 Political whim Kan Naoto Prime ( incumbent Ministers ) one escape primary routes not perceived impact, finally began to appear dead. It's found that the Meteorological Agency put on 12 surveys (preliminary values) from July 4 till 10, one week was flown to hospital with heat stroke who reached 4520 people five times more from year to year 897 people, 5 8 people have died.
 Many cases of exhaustion is crowds outdoors, tend to think the fact that develop within the building. The heat was intense heat one of the largest ever entered the nationwide power saving mood during the month last year, hit. You could have spurred such damage may tend to increase or decrease the temperature of the cooling system as much as possible voluntarily use strengthened.
 East Japan earthquake gave birth to many secondary damage represented by Fukushima nuclear power plant near residents evacuated, along with the unprecedented 1 following damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami. Exhaustion resulting from excessive power-saving consciousness would be said after all three following damage. Moreover, unlike primary and secondary damage, bona-fide man-made and democratic administrations, especially Kan regime closely indivisible, too.
 Indeed, such a situation is was corner of hamaoka nuclear power plant stopped requests since? Prime Minister at a press conference of 13 "issue should not settle resting or say goodbye and really sorry," and apologized for surge in stroke patients. Seen and felt guilty.
 However, the 3 following damage is not limited to heat exhaustion. There are areas has soared in the metropolitan area, calling stranger to children and women being stalked by damage. Is in the jurisdiction of Prefectural Police Headquarters "has gone dark place Street lamp power saving in the street by unidentified persons who haunt and easy-to-contribute" and increasingly vigilant, analysis. Overseas relocation companies concerned about the lack of power of economic downturn and job losses are in the sense that the long-term challenge is more serious.
 It is not only the general public. Government top without prior coordination with the ministries concerned, laid out the major turning point of energy policy in bureaucrat's victims. In addition anyway should bear the blame, weak Democrats election Foundation of party representatives chose Kan de Nuke's dissolution tossed (seeming) is that...more.....
more..... or


7 die in water, mountain accidents; over 74 treated for heatstroke

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Seven people died in water and mountain accidents across the country Saturday, while over 74 were treated for heatstroke at an event site in Miyagi Prefecture, as the temperature rose to 38.6 C in Gunma Prefecture and record highs were observed in other parts of Japan.
While the mercury soared to 38.6 C in the city of Isezaki in Gunma, three other cities also saw temperatures rise above the 38 C line, with the city of Tatebayashi recording 38.4 C, and the cities of Kumagaya and Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture registering 38.2 C and 38.1 C.
Temperatures topped 35 C at 90 observation points across the archipelago, including Shiojiri in Nagano Prefecture which saw a record high of 35.5 C, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
The weather agency said the heat will continue Sunday and called on people to take precautions against heatstroke.

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