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Friday, 15 July 2011

Do you have fears of contaminated rainwater? What can you do?

Depending on your fears, or known facts: 

Japan, West Coast USA, Hawaii etc....

From yestereday I would be learning to: 
1. Only drink bottled water
2. Bathe as infrequently as possible but only with a towel bath, with stored water if possible.

In the worst case scenario:

3. If you can stay inside, fill everything you can, including you bathtub with water (bottled if possible)

4. Stock up on dried and pickled foods. (3 month supply)
5. Store everything in the most removed part of your home from outer walls

IF you have to go out:

1. Plan your trip (shortest time possible)
2. Wear long old clothes... leave them outside on your return if possible, if not dry clean them, and have buckets near the door with lids and washers. Wash yourself down and wet clean footwear (Be as clean as possible entering your home)

NEVER go out in the rain or snow if possible.

All that being said.. remember... it's still spewing out, so it will only get worse until they can stop it.

Finally also remember, an atomic bomb just goes off the once: this thing is 27-7 pumping out more...

PS: Not trying to scare monger, but common sence should prevail until they tell us more of the truth.

Peace out
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