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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ark Australia?

Given all things, will Australia become the worlds Ark in the Mid-Term?

This raises another question, will this be done willingly or by force?

Certainly, being the largest land form South of the Equator, it makes sense that if the Northern Hemisphere becomes too poisonous, it may be on the agenda.

Second, the fact that the Southern and Northern jetsreams meet at the equator, meaning that radiation is somewhat lesser here than North (it will only take time, given the water releases from Fuckedshima), we seem to have a little more time.

It would take a huge amount of resources to set up agriculture and desalinisation in the arid desert regions, but it is not unthinkable.

There is a great deal of room for bio-diversity "Arking", and repopulation of those lucky enough to get there. International lottery?

I could be wrong, and the world is a "Fun and safe place to live"

The mind boggles.

Bring out yer dead.... *ding (Monty Python)
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