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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Japan seeks to worsen the crisis by sending the waste to the Southern Hemisphere

Whilst researching the crisis yesterday, I came across an article by a Japanese Journalist for a Japanese newspaper (and bugger, because I am trolling through so many I lost the book mark), posing the question of where to send all the waste.

Well... he stated that because Canada and Australia produce the Uranium, we should be responsible for storing it. WRONG!

If they had built their reactors safely, and indeed didn't build them at all, just because these two countries supplied "the parts", does not mean they are responsible for negligent use of them. Ignorant to say the least not to mention passing the buck.

Further more, Australia and the Southern hemisphere are fortunate for the short term, in that the 2 Air Streams collide at the equator meaning less fall out can be distributed down here. Would the Japanese  like to kill everything down here as well thanks to their own folly?

Finally, if the crap finally hits the fan, Australia may be the only largest nation left to rebuild bio-diversity in relative safety, and could rebuild agriculture in the mostly barren parts of the deserts using micro-filtered water, solar power and desalination plants. An honorous task to say the least, but it may be our onloy option.

That;s my opinion only folks.
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