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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fukushima: How the World media and Governments are preparing us for the worst by lying....

Whilst we a being "drip-fed" partial truths... almost like breaking the news gently to a child that their favourite pet has died, we are also now being fed misinformation to turn us away from the truth of the disaster.

Look in any mainstream media, and you will see this form of subversive misdirection slowly being fed to us sheeple.

1. WHO (the world health organisation) have NOW found that cell phones cause brain cancers, which we have known for many year.

2. "Strange" new maladies are affect people across Europe and the Middle East eg: Organic forms of Haemoragic fever (look up Ebola)

3. A "Huge" radiation storm is headed for the Earth, affecting the Ionisphere, disrupting communications and further doing damage.

4. Climate warming is 'suddenly' reaching a criticality. (note: High energy releases of Radioctive particles are "hot", that is temperature-wise, and travelling in our air-streams around the globe)


Despite the levels of truth about these occurances, it is interesting that we now have these, not only bed fellows, but scape goats that can very easily spread to the masses via the media so as to be able to blame them seperately or concurently dependent upon need.

Remember, millions of people poisoned has NOTHING to do with Fukushima... becuase it is UNDER CONTROL, and levels are COMPLETELY SAFE.......

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