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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fukushima: Global Survival Guide V2 update

Fukushima: Global Survival Guide


  1. Save all of these notes to your belongings and assets that are electronically stored on paper..          
  2. Write ALL of this down if available: secure everything:
    1. Hard Drive
    2. Removable Drive
    3. All other computers
    6. Do everything as quietly and quickly as possible.
  3. Put everything you know of financially or property realistic on paper and secure it in as many locations as you can.
    1. NO FRESH FOOD IS SAFE. In times of emergency, eat foods that are dried and stored and away from the outside…. STOCK UP ON WATER
    2. Buy paper money, water and tin food, and store it away from as much environment as you can.
  4. Safe places in emergency are not far away. Think of farm land, Mountains, Family holiday spots, and most importantly,- away from populated areas. REMEMBER… time of emergency calls for drastic action…. We are there now….
  5. The more coverage with plant life, the safer you are
  6. The more depth of simple cover like clay, the safer you are
  7. Place water through clay and boil it. It may not save us all, but is better than nothing,
  8. Leave clothing.. if you must venture out….. outside…… throw it away.. it will be irradiated.
  9. If you have someway to keep vegetables under cover.. grow them with rechargeable lights
  10. Money will be worthless as will electronic transfer. Keep foodstuffs and clothing for Barter; batteries, water, and a firearm are essentials.
  11. During a time like this nothing is irrational except the irrational.
  12. Keep plenty of plastic and paper containers that are disposable for personal hygiene.
  13. Spending all you have for a rainy day, to see another rainy day, should not be out of the question.
I have a Blog, but only to maintain the message…. Love to all
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