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Friday, 27 May 2011


We all now know the water thing isn't working or working fast enough to stop this insane collatoral damage thing globally, at the Fukushima power plant.
Our Governments world-wide are staging what is possible the largest cover-up in human history.
I've been looking for a site dedicated to possible solutions and couldn't find one, so here I am.
I think the idea being floated around of a tactical nuke is a good one: The entire Nuclear Powerlant would be vapourized and the proplem becomes substantially more containable.
1. The radiation after impact decreases dramaticaly (in relation to a continuous unstoppable bleeding into the atmosphere)
This can be varified by looking up the tables available.

2. The area is already unlivable.
3. Fallout is laughable, just look at what is happening now, and again, IS A ONE OFF.
4. It will vapourize the problem including the Plutonium.
5. Japan can order mass evacutions if they do it quickly before everyone is irradiated.
6. After TEPCO admitted lying about repairs and hid the amount of spent fuel, they should suck it up.
And finally, after the big ka-boom, they can clean it up like they did Hiroshima.

Anyone else?
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